I started looking through a lens when I was very young – maybe three.  My grandfather was a professional photographer and was ALWAYS sharing his passion. The passion runs in the blood of the Delano family.  His sons, my father and uncle were always capturing family moments whenever possible.  My sister and I both have a photography business.

I started to take photos with the family camera and loved the instant gratification that Polaroid provided.    I got caught up in the Fuji Color disposable cameras and remember the excitement and anticipation that awaited for me when picking up my developed film at the local Payless.  (Yes - I am aging myself) I had several cameras throughout my life and finally when we entered into the digital phase; my lack of patience for that instant gratification was served!

I’ve done a lot of different types of photography and I’m always open to whatever someone is wanting to try.  My style is about capturing raw and authenticity in a moment with vibrant color!  My wheelhouse?  KIDS AND ANIMALS.  It’s funny how my photography turned into the same two passions that surrounded my non-profit career.

Whether it’s for family photos, following your children at the park, children portraits, a special event, getting a good headshot for professionals or capturing that special moment you see and love about your kids or animals – I’m game. 

My gallery has photos for sale too!  I love to shoot while traveling or on an outing to get some new inspiration.  I live in the Seattle area and have two completely dorky French Bulldogs, Stella and Jojo that I call "my pigs".  Leave me a note on my guestbook or contact me at bellacaraphotos.com.  I would LOVE to work with you!


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